HCRG Workforce Solutions

Fast Facts

  • icon 72% organic increase in turnover over the last 3 years
  • icon Over 3x organic increase in EBITDA over last 3 years

HCRG Workforce Solutions is an amalgamation of a number of well-known brands, including but not limited to HCL, Sugarman and CRG.

They provide a range of services, from fully outsourced staffing solutions and staff bank management services to outsourced healthcare, including but not limited to complex care, mental health services and occupational health.

As experts in large-scale workforce deployment both at domestic and overseas, HCRG has an impressive track record of managing far-reaching international campaigns across various sectors, offering bespoke solutions to distinct needs and challenges whilst improving spending efficiency without compromising patient care.


Twenty20 Capital Support

As part of our investment strategy, we supported the management team through a transformational journey, challenging strategic and operational decisions to create a highly attractive, scaled and profitable brand.

Multiple complementary mergers created radical movement in the business’s turnover and allowed us to build one of the UK’s biggest and most recognised health and social care solutions providers.

“Through the support of Twenty20 Capital, and their undoubted passion for the healthcare sector, we have been able to stabilise these businesses, drive significant growth across all arms, increased profitability and market share whilst delivering sustainable solutions aligned to our clients’ needs and objectives. This deal allowed us to proudly continue supporting the UK health service and local community and a vast number of service users”.
Gary Taylor, CEO , HCRG Workforce Solutions