What we do

We are the leading dedicated investor in the staffing and workforce solutions sector

What is Twenty20 Capital?

We are a unique style of private equity; we invest our own capital. We are looking to invest in businesses that want to leverage our expertise and know-how. If you need capital, we are flexible, ambitious and deeply passionate about creating a platform for wealth creation and inviting best-in-class leaders to join the Twenty20 Capital investment alumni.


We are entrepreneurs and provide entrepreneurial capital. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy new challenges.


We are bold in our decision making, use our deep expertise to drive growth more quickly and strive to achieve defining results.


We engage actively with our teams, listen hard and take accountability. We take responsibility for our decisions.


We are totally driven to achieving "best in class" results through discipline, hard work and, above all, collaboration.

Driven. Disciplined. Decisive.

Investment return driven by unparalleled experience of investing in our chosen markets Sector Focussed Strategy Flexibility and Agility Investment return driven by the ability to act independently of third party capital Alignment Investment return driven by equity incentivisation, collaboration and collective energy