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Animoca Brands

Fast Facts

  • icon Employs over 700 people
  • icon Located in 11 countries
  • icon Portfolio in over 380 investments

Animoca, as a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain and gamification, is working to advance digital property rights. Animoca has a growing portfolio of almost 400 investments in NFT-related companies and decentralised projects that are contributing to building the open metaverse.

The Metaverse Continuum aims to transform how businesses interact with customers, how work is done, what products and services companies offer, how they make and distribute them, and how they operate their organisations.

Twenty20 Capital Support

As part of an alternative investment strategy, we have contributed to a $500m funding round to support the growth of Animoca; putting the business at the forefront of a new sustainable and high-growth asset class which is going to disrupt the world of work.

Through Kingsway Capital, we joined investment giants KKR and Soros to enhance the ongoing evolution of the ‘digital twin market’, which was valued at $3.21bn in 2020 and is expected to reach $184.5bn by 2030 [Source: Accenture].

This investment puts Twenty20 Capital at the birth of a new sustainable and high growth asset class which is going to disrupt the world of work: revolutionise learning; change job interviews; transform home working; speed up the adoption of crypto and create new jobs.
Katie Folwell-Davis, Investment Partner