INVESTMENT: MP Alpha Capital

Twenty20 Capital launches new $20 million hedge fund with MP Alpha Capital — making a cornerstone investment into their “post-COVID-19” hedge fund.

MP Alpha Capital was founded by John Phillips and Damien Miller with the objective of creating a hybrid and asymmetrical fund mixing digital assets and equities, for the post-pandemic world.

$20m has successfully been secured during their first fundraising round, enabling the fund to go live in the AKJ Ecosystem — a fully digital hedge fund management service.

This strategic partnership enables Twenty20 Capital to diversify its portfolio further.

Tristan Ramus, Founder of Twenty20 Capital, commented: “Our teams are incredibly passionate about diversifying the company’s portfolio and driving exponential growth. We’re bold in our decision-making and use our unbeatable expertise to achieve the best results, which is exactly how we approached this collaboration with MP Alpha Capital.

“As our portfolio of businesses expands and we continue to manage assets in excess of £1bn, we’re excited to develop this strategic partnership with MP Alpha Capital. Making a cornerstone investment into the fund will enable us to diversify the company’s portfolio and provide a hedge on risk.”

Damien Miller, Founding Partner of MP Alpha Capital, commented: “Twenty20 Capital will bring a wealth of expertise across a wide spectrum of sectors, including M&A and debt advisory.

“We look forward to a prosperous partnership as we continue to explore the world of innovation and digital assets in the post-pandemic landscape.”

The AKJ group of companies (AKJ) provides a full-service ecosystem for hedge fund managers. The group, established in 1995, serves hedge fund and institutional clients in 35 countries around the world and is owned by shareholders with over US$18 billion in assets under management.

Gunnar Detlie, CEO of AKJ Investment Management, comments: “Given our unique position and extensive experience working with high-quality funds in both crypto and traditional markets, we are excited to be supporting the launch of MP Alpha Capital, the first hybrid fund on our platform.”

The fund is now closed for new subscriptions but may reopen next year, subject to market conditions.