Investment: MP Alpha Capital

  • January 17, 2023
We have launched a $20 million hedge fund with MP Alpha Capital.

As our portfolio of businesses expands and we continue to manage assets in excess of £1bn, we’re excited to develop this strategic partnership with MP Alpha Capital. By making a cornerstone investment into the fund, we diversify our portfolio and provide a hedge on risk.

Our teams are incredibly passionate about diversification and driving exponential growth. We’re bold in our decision-making and use our unbeatable expertise to achieve the best results, which is exactly how we approached this collaboration with MP Alpha Capital.

MP Alpha Capital, which was founded by John Phillips and Damien Miller, is a hybrid and asymmetrical fund mixing digital assets and equities for the post-pandemic world. During their first fundraising round in 2022, $20m was successfully secured, enabling the fund to go live in the AKJ Ecosystem — a fully digital hedge fund management service.

Damien Miller, Founding Partner of MP Alpha Capital, commented: “Twenty20 Capital will bring a wealth of expertise across a wide spectrum of sectors, including M&A and debt advisory. We look forward to a prosperous partnership as we continue to explore the world of innovation and digital assets in the post-pandemic landscape.”

The AKJ group of companies (AKJ) provides a full-service ecosystem for hedge fund managers. The group, established in 1995, serves hedge fund and institutional clients in 35 countries around the world and is owned by shareholders with over US$18 billion in assets under management.

Gunnar Detlie, CEO of AKJ Investment Management, comments: “Given our unique position and extensive experience working with high-quality funds in both crypto and traditional markets, we are excited to be supporting the launch of MP Alpha Capital, the first hybrid fund on our platform.”

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MBO: Halian Holdings Ltd

  • October 10, 2022

We have partnered Halian Holdings Ltd, to support a management buyout.

In collaboration with the now CEO of Halian, Stuart Fry, we will provide ongoing investment capital, as well as guidance and expertise, to support the business’s expansion across Europe, the MENA region and beyond. 

This partnership will create growth and development opportunities for the brand within the global tech recruitment space.

Stuart Fry, Chief Executive Officer said: “In collaboration with Twenty20 Capital we have now acquired a 100% share of the Halian business, a move which allows us to focus on further expansion and brand evolution. We have a shared vision; to build an environment for transformation, open new geographies and create opportunities across the business and the sectors in which we operate”.

At Twenty20 Capital we recognised the significant value and potential Halian Holdings has to offer. We believe that our expertise, paired with the passion and ambition of the Halian team, will create vast opportunities in the global hiring market. We advocate the leadership team, and wider colleague community, in their common goal of accelerated international growth and look forward to supporting their ongoing success journey.

Stuart will be joined by a new leadership team; Lloyd Cremer has been appointed Chief Revenue Officer; Adam Karageorgas will be promoted to Chief Technology Officer; Killian Glendon joins as Deputy Chief Revenue Officer and Jack Macauley will take the interim role of Vice President for Middle East Tech Talent and Search. Levon Antonian and Dave O’Malley will step down from their roles on the Halian Board.

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Investment: Animoca

  • March 2, 2022
As part of our alternative investment strategy, we have invested through Kingsway Capital joining KKR and Soros in a $500m funding round to support the growth of Animoca Brands.

This investment puts us at the birth of a new sustainable and high-growth asset class which is going to disrupt the world of work: revolutionise learning; change job interviews; transform home working; speed up the adoption of crypto; create new jobs –as part of our ESG commitment to drive health and wellbeing; increase education opportunities; drive gender equality and contribute to decent work and economic growth.

Animoca is a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification, and is working to advance digital property rights. Being a Deloitte Tech Fast winner and ranked in the Financial Times list of High Growth Companies Asia-Pac 2021, they have a growing portfolio of more than 200 investments in NFT-related companies and decentralised projects that are contributing to building the open metaverse. Animoca are owners of The Sandbox and Power Rangers, and have broad licensing of brand for the metaverse to include Snoop Dog, Formula E, and the Adams family to name a few.

The Metaverse Continuum will transform how businesses interact with customers, how work is done, what products and services companies offer, how they make and distribute them, and how they operate their organisations. The ‘digital twin market’, valued at $3.21bn in 2020 is expected to reach $184.5bn by 2030 according to Accenture.

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  • December 20, 2021
We have acquired the former Virgin Care company from the Virgin Group, rebranding it as HCRG Care Group.

Under the leadership of Dr Vivienne McVey, the newly named HCRG Care Group has evolved to become a respected and trusted partner in the provision of high-quality and excellent value health and care services, making a positive difference to millions of people across the country.

The acquisition of Virgin Care and rebranding to HCRG Care Group represents an opportunity to support a strong management team and broader workforce to deliver critical health and care services across the community. We are excited to support the company’s plans to build its strong market position, grow its offering and enhance the quality of services to health and care commissioners.

Dr Vivienne McVey, former CEO says; “With the support of Twenty20 Capital our team can continue to focus on changing lives by transforming health and care working with commissioners, communities and our hard-working frontline colleagues to deliver joined-up, efficient but above all high-quality services.”

This acquisition is our seventh transaction of 2022 and our fourth acquisition in the health and social services sector adding c. £260m of revenues to our growing portfolio of businesses.

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