Founder / Investment Director | tr@twenty20capital.com


Demonstrated through significant acquisitions and exits over the past 15 years making Tristan one of the most  progressive and respected entrepreneurs. A persistent flair for uncovering opportunities in fast-growing sectors of recruitment, healthcare and marketing, Tristan has been recognised through his deal origination, transactions and exits throughout his 25-year career.
Over the past 24 months, he has made 12 investments from his family office. Those investments have total revenue north of 300 million pounds.

As a principle investor in Hamilton Bradshaw, Tristan made 34 investments in the Human Capital space over 9 years, and was recognized as being in the global top 50 largest staffing companies through his buy and build platform called Ngage. Continually acknowledged by his peer group he has also been identified in the major business awards such as The Sunday Times Non-Executive Director Awards and the E & Y Entrepreneur of the Year. Known for his forward-thinking, passion, not following the standard trends and being a strong influencer through his experience to his investee companies.


Investment Director | ng@twenty20capital.com

An entrepreneur with limitless drive and enthusiasm for success, determination and an ability to turn initiative ideas into reality, which has led to a lucrative 20-year recruitment sector career. His passion for delivering results stem from engaging brilliant teams and a clear understanding that people are the difference between success and failure, he has built and developed many teams that have the skills, commitment and desire that ultimately led to efficient, energised and well-motivated high achievers.

Nick started his working career in a modest fashion taking up a profession as an HGV 1 driver. This quickly changed as Nick identified a gap in the market, embarking upon his first business opportunity by starting an agency for drivers that recognised brilliant people and ultimately delivered market leading results for his clients. Having started in the South East with one office and on his own in Croydon, he grew the company to being the largest independent driving agency in the UK with a turnover of over £50m, employing 70 head office staff and over 1500 colleagues working daily.
Nicks ability to identify opportunities in markets and people within them will continue to be a catalyst for new partner success helping them develop both their business and their people so that everyone succeeds.



Investment Director | br@twenty20capital.com


With over 30 years experience in the manufacturing sector and a mentor to start-up businesses, Brian has an Irish charm and no-nonsense but friendly approach. Founder of Box-It in 1993 (now known as Box-It Ireland Ltd), the company made profit in its first financial year from and initial loan of £15,000, availing of a government small loan guarantee scheme. Brian was the Managing Director for 20 years before successfully exiting the business. Box-It grew into a multi-million-pound turnover company producing in excess of £1 mil, EBITDA at the exit in 2014. He held a Non-Executive Director and Consultant within the company for a further 2 years.

Brian continued to take an interest with small investments in the Tech sector after moving abroad in 2016 and joined partnership with Tristan Ramus. Continuing his work today Brian meets with distressed businesses sharing his wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience providing comfort in a turn around and prospective future.


Investment Director | im@twenty20capital.com

With more than 17 years’ as Chief Executive Officer of a healthcare recruitment business and homecare provider, Ian has a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and intelligence in the Health and Social Care recruitment sector. Since Ian acquired CRG in 2000, at the age of 21 years-old, the company has increased tenfold and is now a leading recruitment business within the Health and Social Care sector with more than 20 offices across the UK.

CRG has developed and expanded its expertise across six core trading divisions and, as such, has built long standing relationships with the NHS, Ministry of Defence and private healthcare providers. With Ian’s determination and commitment, he has built a strong team of experienced and hardworking individuals to recruit and source a range of healthcare professionals.



Investment Committee | jw@twenty20capital.com


Having qualified in 2000 as a Chartered account, Jamie has a wealth of experience working at CFO level to numerous healthcare and recruitment businesses across the country.

Jamie has substantial merger & acquisition experience through initial acquisition to transition and integration. He also has vast experience and a thorough understanding of challenges associated with rapid growing organisations and decentralised functions. With his unique style and warm approach, Jamie provides confidence within his team, continually delivering accurate figures and methods for accelerating future growth.