The staffing sector is highly fragmented with a diversity of service providers ranging from recruitment firms, through to managed service providers (MSP), recruitment process outsourcing providers (RPO) and technology services. Within this diverse marketplace our asset targets can range from distressed through to high growth. These businesses have diverse funding needs which cannot necessarily be addressed by focusing on one type of transaction.

Twenty 20 Capital invests significant time and energy in identifying high quality companies on and off market. We will use multiple transaction structures when making our investments. This gives us flexibility to offer the right type of financing on a bespoke and individual basis.

All of our activities are conducted with the utmost integrity, care, diligence, whilst maintaining and building strong relationships.


Growth equity and IP allows businesses to expand more rapidly or to take advantage of opportunities that require immediate capital and/or IP Management retains strategic and operational control of the business, while accessing new resources to achieve the next stage of growth. Typically, Twenty 20 Capital will take a significant minority or a small majority ownership position in the company (always with Board representation).


Capital from Twenty 20 Capital offers founders the opportunity to sell some of their ownership position in the company. This liquidity allows founders to begin to enjoy the rewards of their hard work and diversify personal wealth whilst still maintaining the ultimate pay day within the future value they create in the their business. Shareholder liquidity financing can be used in conjunction with other objectives, such as growth equity and acquisition financing.


Full exit provide liquidity for shareholders looking to sell the majority of a business, while allowing them to step away from operational leadership. Business owners may use this route when there is not a clear buy out option or the business is of a size and stature that warrants a majority sell off. This is the least favoured route to progress down unless the core fundamentals of the transaction and where future value lies are clearly visible

Management Buyouts

Management buyouts allow the management team to buy the business, while creating ownership incentives for new shareholders. Twenty 20 Capital works with management to purchase a majority stake of the target business while protecting the new management with the knowledge and experience to see value out the other side. Management buyouts can be useful in transferring ownership from retiring or inactive founders, or a corporate parent to the current management team.