BWP Group was co-founded in 1995 by Richard Beasley, an ex-retailer who identified the need for a retail-focused brand and marketing agency. They have an in-depth understanding of the commercial challenges facing retail and leisure destinations and are recognised across the sector for our reputation amongst shopping centres, outlets, leisure destinations and retailers throughout the UK and Europe.

BWP provides commercial consultancy, solid strategy and effective communications that address a wide range of retail challenges from branding and launching new schemes to turning around underperforming stores, driving ongoing store performance to customer transference. Their process consists of:

    • Brand Surveying – A full situational analysis to build a clear picture of client services, products, audiences and the competitive landscape
    • Brand Architecture – Developing a differentiated positioning for clients brand, product or service
    • Brand Scaping – Their media neutral approach starts with defining a strategic direction and developing a single-unifying thought to underpin any creative
    • Brand Builder – Teams provide a single point of contact who then pull in the right specialists at the right time to ensure a truly integrated experience delivered under one roof

Tristan Ramus invested in the BWP Group in 2016 and holds the position of Chairman of the company.


FOUNDED | 1995
SECTOR | Brand Marketing

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